Art For All


This is a poster that hangs in the studio of artist and inspiration Marie-France Nitski. She’s in her 70’s, but can out-energy 20 year olds. She wears painted sneakers and speaks to you in both English and French, mostly French, even after you’ve told her you don’t understand it. She’s from France, where she takes pictures of the poppy fields and lives in Chelsea Quebec where she walks everywhere. She loves when children come to her studio to paint on her walls. She knows me now, but used to only recognize me after seeing my eyes, and would exclaim ‘ah yes! You! You with the eyes like blue ice!” I told her I wanted to buy one of her paintings, but that I may not be able to afford it. She launched into a speech about art being affordable, about how everybody should wake up with a piece of art they love on the wall, and that you shouldn’t have to be rich to enjoy art in your living space. Maybe. Half the speech was in French. I pointed out the one I wanted, and she said ‘take it. Pay however you can. If it takes 5 years, it takes 5 years. If it takes longer, who cares?”. And so everyday I get to enjoy art. And I think about her poster in her studio, and I hope that one day I can speak in half English, half French about why art should be affordable to everyone.

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